Real Estate & Construction

The real estate market in Romania recently registered the fastest growth since the 2009-2010 crisis. Developers have intensified their activity in all sectors of real estate, taking advantage of the good market situation and growing demand.

Equally, in the residential sub-sector, low interest rates and an improving economy have caused Romania's housing market to grow robustly over the recent years.

But the sector is not a stranger to challenges. Along this context, it is one thing to know a Client's business, but without understanding the ‘environment’ in which the business operates, that knowledge is flawed. We understand the real estate & construction environment as well as the motivations of each stakeholder such as buyer, seller, agent, developer, financier, tenant, property manager, insurer, or shareholder. 

Thus, we are proud to assist investors of various nationalities, office space developers and owners, residential space developers and owners, construction companies, as well as private sector investors.

Our services to the industry encompass a vast array of areas, among which the most required are focused around real estate tax, finance and disputes, construction and development contracting and all their related issues, legal risks assessments, planning and zoning, ownership title assessments, distressed assets purchases, etc.

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