Media & Audiovisual

Romania has one of the most dynamic media and audiovisual markets in southeastern Europe. The media & audiovisual sector is therefore in constant evolution and change.

This evolution creates exciting opportunities to innovate business models, provide differentiated products and services, access new markets and enhance customer service.  But it also brings with it risks.

Businesses need knowledgeable and commercially astute lawyers to work with them to stay ahead in this complex environment and to assist them in overcoming obstacles – providing cutting edge advice across a broad range of areas, including regulatory and competition law advice, M&A, data protection, protection of intellectual property and dispute resolution.  

We are highly skilled with legal issues related to this industry Clientsinthus, our legal services were retained by an extremely large array of media & audiovisual players, from multinational media buyers/resellers, ad creation companies, digital creation companies, radio and television broadcasters, online media outlets, television production companies, to international film distributors.

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