Courtesy to a commercial knowledge both rich and challenging, our philosophy is based on three essential principles: preventing difficulties from becoming problems, translating complex matters into perfect solutions and turning opportunities to the best of advantages.

Our team is built on values of legal proficiency, perfect availability and flawless reaction. The can-do tackle of any case, together with the vivid commercial insight and daring creativity, enable us to do more than just provide accurate legal advice. By making sense of the Clients’ business, we aim to exceed expectations, offering guidance that looks beyond the legal outskirts of each problem and focuses on assuring the success of all projects.

At S&A we aim for results, strive for positive outcomes and build our business card on efficiency. With the exceptional success rates attained in our activity so far, the projects we handled during 11 years with S&A recommend us for future exploits in a great variety of business practice areas.

We address the problem, provide the solution and always stay on the move.

And that is where we are …

Successfully Yours,

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