Retail & FMCG

Retail & FMCG sector is one of the main industry area of focus at Strătulă & Asociații, with Clients instructing us on a large array of legal and regulatory issues. Our Retail & FMCG lawyers provide extensive advice to Clients of all sector’s echelon, including manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers. Our Clients are well-known national […]

Real Estate & Construction

The real estate market in Romania recently registered the fastest growth since the 2009-2010 crisis. Developers have intensified their activity in all sectors of real estate, taking advantage of the good market situation and growing demand.Equally, in the residential sub-sector, low interest rates and an improving economy have caused Romania’s housing market to grow robustly […]

Media & Audiovisual

Romania has one of the most dynamic media and audiovisual markets in southeastern Europe. The media & audiovisual sector is therefore in constant evolution and change.This evolution creates exciting opportunities to innovate business models, provide differentiated products and services, access new markets and enhance customer service.  But it also brings with it risks.Businesses need knowledgeable and […]

IT & Telecom

Our team services a Client base that ranges from international corporations to SME’sand include multinational companies providing cable & internet services, technology vendors, technology purchasers, software & web developers, digital & electronic equipment innovators.The breadth of knowledge gained from our experience enables us to provide strategic advice, considering international standards while also addressing specific laws […]

Healthcare & Pharma

After several post communism years on the back burner, Romania’s pharmaceutical industry appears resurgent once more.At the same time private healthcasein is emergent, with a growing number of insurers opting for private medical services, rather than the public ones.The core attractiveness of the Romanian pharmaceuticals market arises from its significant potential, as the mature markets […]


Energy is, tipically, a comprehensively regulated sector. Its rapid development, doubled with the necessity to align Romanian internal legislative environment with the EU one and the strictness of regulations pose challenges that require top tier legal and regulatory services.Some of our major Clients act in this industry area, operating companies the activities of which range from […]


Agribusiness industry in Romania is attractive to a wide range of Clients, from private investors to multinational agribusiness players, due to our country’s very rich and diverse natural resources (with over 60% of Romania as arable land), relatively low prices of agricultural land and affordable work force. At the same time, this proves to be […]