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General information:

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No material, file, data or any other content of this website constitutes legal advice. This site has been created and is destined for general information purposes only and may not be interpreted as being provided through a client-attorney relationship. If you have a specific legal problem or issue please contact directly one of our partners or fill in the form on the Home page.

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  2. Whilst Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații makes the best of efforts to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate and up to date, we do not accept any liability in connection with it. Also, although we take all measures to ensure the good functioning and the security of this website, we do not guarantee a permanent functioning without defects. In addition, we do not guarantee that all documents, files or any other piece of material contained in this website are free from viruses. In this respect, it is recommendable that you run proper antivirus programs.
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Links to our site:

Operation of this site is subject to the limits imposed by Romanian laws regulating the practice of attorney profession. As such, Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații's written consent must be obtained prior to any link being created to this website from another website or document.

Privacy Statement:

  1. Generally no personal information will be neccessary from your part to access the majority of the information on this website. However, there are some circumstances when certain information is needed, for example when you submit the form for online services or send us a resume in order to apply for a position within our organization. In such circumstances, the personal data which you provide to us will be collected, stored and used in accordance with the rules and regulations governing confidentiality and personal data protection. For recruitment purposes, your personal data may be shared inside Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații, without being disclosed to third parties.
  2. With respect to the enquiries you send via email to our website (at: office@stratula.com) as well as to the emails sent to any member of Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații, please note that the information contained is not secured and encripted and it may be virtually accessed during transmission. We decline any liability and/or responsibility in case such access occurs.
  3. Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații does not offer any guarantee as to the confidentiality of the correspondence sent to or received by this website or the e-mail addresses of any Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații member, as such correspondence does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

Change in the Terms of Use:

We may amend from time to time these Terms of Use. If this happens, we will immediately place the updated version on this website, so that you may be permanently informed on the Terms of Use contained in this section.

Governing laws and settlement of disputes:

  1. These Terms of Use shall be construed and applied in accordance with and governed by Romanian laws.
  2. Any dispute arising out of the accessing, copying, downloading, printing, or performing any other operation in connection with this website or its contents shall be governed by substantive and procedural Romanian laws and shall be settled by the competent Romanian courts of justice.