EU Funds

After  1st of January, 2007, the date Romania entered the European Union, the European financing and development projects and programs run by various Romanian public entities have become diversified. Thus, after this date, EU funds have became an alternative method for small and medium enterprises and other beneficiaries.

Our law firm provides specialized legal assistance to the beneficiaries of nonrefundable EU funds in all project stages: either at the preliminary stage of concluding the financing contracts, either later, in case the competent authorities in the field discover any "irregularities" in the implementation stage or in the monitoring stage of projects.

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To the Point

Beneficiaries of EU funds investigated for artificial conditions

We assist and represent over 40 beneficiaries of EU funds, both companies and individual enterprises, in contentious administrative actions pursued against the measures of terminating the funding contracts and against the restitution of the funds by the beneficiaries accused of creating "artificial conditions" for obtaining the grant.

Major poultry producer

We assist and represent one of the most important producers of poultry in a dispute over the termination of the financing contract, ordered by the Rural Investment Funding Agency (formerly APDRP) on the grounds that the beneficiary has created an "unjustified advantage" to another company, by providing the EAFRD financed investments.

Beneficiaries of EU funds with various irregularities

We provide legal assistance and representation to EU funds beneficiaries in contentious administrative actions against the minutes of finding irregularities and of establishing the budgetary debts, issued by AFIR (formerly APDRP) for various "irregularities", such as "the relocation of the investment", "substantial modifications of the projects" and failure to comply with the eligibility or selection criteria.

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