Reorganization of Romania’s leading animal waste neutralization company

We assist the leading animal waste neutralization operator in Romania, during its reorganization procedure. Such assistance included a large variety of claims, ranging from successfully rejected receivables of various creditors, including the Romanian State, to the recovery of the client’s own receivables, for the purpose of successful reorganization.

Euro 150,000,000 construction industry insolvency

We assist and represent one of the top 3 European facade construction companies, Turkey based, and its Romanian subsidiary, as creditors of Euro 1.5 million, against major Austrian construction company, spinning from the insolvency procedure dubbed “the biggest post war insolvency procedure in Austria”.

Euro 400,000,000 pharmaceutical industry insolvency

We currently provide assistance and representation to one of the major world leading pharmaceutical companies, US based, and to its Romanian subsidiary, as creditors of Euro 40,000,000 in the insolvency, and subsequently bankruptcy procedure of one of the most important Romanian pharmaceutical distribution companies.

US pharmaceutical multinational corporation

We have successfully advised the Romanian subsidiary of a US pharmaceutical multinational corporation – one of the world’s top 3 leaders in this industry, with respect to tens of public tenders organized by public hospitals in Romania, in which our Client has participated as a medical drugs provider (contractor). We have closely assisted the Client […]

Romanian leading nuclear testing services

We have successfully assisted and represented this major Romanian company, active in the nuclear testing business (one of the very few of its kind), in a series of trials against the National Company that runs the sole Romanian nuclear plant, caused by the illicit rejection of Client’s offer, with a multimillion Euro public tender for […]

Leading Romanian energy distribution company

We have successfully advised the leading Romanian energy (gas and electricity) distribution company (in its capacity as contracting authority) on a Eur 27 million public tender related to the acquisition of smart metering equipment for electricity distribution, up to the moment the tender procedure was successfully finalized.

World leading software corporation

We offer IT related legal assistance to one of the US based, world leading software companies, in a variety of issues, ranging from IT regulatory matters, to fiscal implications of certain cross-border transactions of this client.

German media and advertising market leader

We assist one of the most successful media and advertising agency group in a variety of day to day legal matters related to their activity, from Competition Council investigations regarding understandings on the advertising market, to copyright contracts and advertising content-related conflicts. 

Turkish leading TV production company

We provide ongoing assistance to this TV production company (Romanian subsidiary of one of the most famous Turkish TV production companies) on aspects related to copyrights, as well as other TV production rights resulting from contracts with TV stations.

World leading US cable TV company

We advise the market leader on telecommunication (internet and cable) industry in Romania with respect to various trade mark and other intellectual property issues, either contentious or non contentious. Among such there are issues related to protection of IP rights, regulatory analysis on trade mark usages and TV spot productions, etc.