The 2011 East Legal Team E.E.I.G. conference

The East Legal Team conference held on 1-2 April 2011 in Visegrad is organized by the Hungarian partner of the East Legal Team E.E.I.G Alliance, Balazs & Hollo Law Firm in Budapest, and is one of the twice a year ELT conferences, held in turn in the countries of origin of each member. This year it is Hungary’s turn to host the ELT conference which will be attended, in addition to Balazs & Hollo and Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații, by the member law firms in Poland, Russia and Slovakia, as well as law firms and top level diplomatic personnel from countries such as France, Austria, Italy, Spain Germany and the Czech Republic.

Identifying methods of improving the cooperation between the members of East Legal Team alliance, agreeing upon ways to unify their practice, as well as discussing the evolution and changes in the economic and legal environment of the member countries are among the topics to be addressed at the Visegrad conference.

Apart from the invitees of the Hungarian Law Firm Balazs & Hollo, the Romanian Embassy commercial representatives have confirmed their presence at the conference.

Mr. Cosmin Mocanu, Partner of Strătulă Mocanu & Asociații and Vice-President of East Legal Team E.E.I.G.: “East Legal Team is a interdisciplinary and regional cooperation project, that offers each member law firm the opportunity to constantly expand and enrich its professional expertise. This way, we can provide unified and integrated legal services throughout the jurisdictions in Central and Eastern Europe. The Visegrad conference on 1-2 April 2011 is a significant step towards the expansion of East Legal Team, and an excellent opportunity to establish new valuable contacts in the business and legal environments of the attending countries”.