Everything you want to know about the notice

by Cosmin Mocanu

In our first article on the subject of notice due by the employer at termination of individual employment contract (CIM) we referred to a few general issues, such as what is the notice, to whom, how and when it should be granted, and how to calculate it correctly, in this second article we will refer, briefly, to some practical problems cropped up in our practice of labor law.

As in the first article, we want to point out that in the following we refer exclusively to the employer due notice, in the case of dismissals that impose this obligation, and not at that due to the employee in case of resignation .

1. What is the working time in the period of notice ?

I chose to start with this question, because the context in which it was addressed showed us that both employers in the private sector, as well as their employees, are in a slight confusion  regarding the way things will be held during the period of notice.

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