Corporate & Commercial

General Corporate Expertise

In the general corporate area, our work reaches the peak of its diversity, ranging from incorporations, corporate duty and liability issues, special corporate vehicles, shareholding structures, social capital issues, inter-group financial schemes and the protection of minority shareholders.

Commercial Contracts Expertise

To name but a few commercial instruments in the drafting, negotiating, and most importantly, safeguarding of which our attorneys are highly skilled, such range from sale purchase agreements, receivable and share assignments, international sales, leases, distribution agreements, joint-ventures, franchises, license agreements, loans, agency agreements, enterprises, to any type of collaterals, insurance and re-insurance agreements, as well as a great variety of services agreements.

Sure enough, our vast practice and business oriented approach do play a chief part in recommending our commercial contract practice. But when it all comes down to gaining the edge in a transaction, it is our extended, challenging business litigation experience that allows us to catch the full view of each deal, of its tricks and traps, of all its possible outcomes. And that is what making the difference is all about.

To the Point

World leading Italian eyewear producer


We have provided pre and post incorporation assistance to the Romanian branch of the world leading Italian eyewear producer, consisting in full service corporate assistance.

French quality control corporation


We provide constant corporate assistance to the Romanian subsidiary of a major French quality control company, operating in the automotive industry. 

Turkish agricultural investment


We currently assist a major Turkish real estate and agricultural investor in establishing a 5,000,000 Euro agricultural investment, by starting up a number of companies, as well as providing post incorporation assistance.

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