Stratula & Asociatii Law Firm shall be the legal partner of the European Funds for Farmers Congress, to take place on June 30th, 2021 at the JW Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest

Stratula & Asociatii Law Firm shall be the legal partner of the European Funds for Farmers Congress, an event organized by the EU Funds Consultancy Division of the Association “Forta Fermierilor”. The event shall take place on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 starting at 9.00 hours, at the JW Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest, in a […]

Stratula & Asociatii successfully assisted Carmistin Group in obtaining a syndicated loan facility worth 90 million Euro from a bank syndicate composed by Banca Comercială Română S.A., CEC Bank SA, EximBank SA, Intesa Sanpaolo Romania SA and OTP Bank Romania SA.

This complex credit facility is one of the most important ever granted in the agribusiness sector in Romania and the beneficiaries are a number of over 20 companies from the Carmistin Group. The facility shall be used for the financing of investment projects, refinancing of bilateral existing loans and for working capital needs. Carmistin Group […]

Which category of SME is your firm included in? A lawyer’s advice, useful for obtaining European Funds

În contextul actual, în care multe dintre fondurile nerambursabile sunt destinate IMM-urilor, problema corectei încadrări într-una din categoriile de IMM-uri (microîntreprindere, întreprindere mică, întreprindere mijlocie) sau chiar a încadrării în categoria generală a IMM-urilor vs. categoria întreprinderi mari a redevenit de actualitate și continuă să suscite numeroase discuții în rândul solicitanților, consultanților și în relația […]

Obtaining Romanian Citizenship on application. Situations and Conditions.

By Sorin Stratula, Managing Partner   Romanian Citizenship Law no. 21/1991 (“Citizenship Law”) regulates the situations and the conditions in which a person may acquire Romanian citizenship on application, essentially by creating two main categories of such situations, each one with its own conditions: A first category refers to persons who are not former Romanian […]

European Funds:conditions of suspending the financing agreements during the emergency state period

Posibilitatea beneficiarilor de fonduri europene nerambursabile de a solicita suspendarea executarii contractelor de finantare a fost prevazuta, cu titlu de principiu, in Decretul 195/2020 privind instituirea starii de urgenta pe teritoriul Romaniei. Astfel, potrivit dispozitiilor art. 11 din Anexa nr. 1 la Decretul 195/2020, beneficiarii fondurilor europene afectati de adoptarea masurilor de urgenta prevazute in […]

Force majeure, fortuitous case and hardship: what happens with contractual obligations in moments of crisis

By Oana Stratula, Partner, Stratula & Asociatii (published in on March 19th, 2020)   Current situation our country is confronting with is one that produces, inevitably, a series of consequences impacting the legal relationships in general and the contractual relationships in particular, taking into account that there are numerous situations where one contractual party […]